About The Marketing DNA Test

This Simple Test Displays Your Persuasion Profile and Defines Your Ideal Sales & Marketing Team in 10 Minutes

Some people persuade by writing; some by getting in front of people and selling; some with photographs and video. Some trot out facts and charts, others pluck your heart strings. Some people convince by creating new ideas, others by orchestrating and building systems.

The Marketing DNA Test measures these qualities and answers the question, “How do you and your team members naturally communicate and persuade?” Scores test 8 different communication styles: Alchemist, Producer, Live, Recorded, Images, Words, Empathy and Analytics.

With only 32 questions and just a few minutes time, it instantly produces a one-in-a-million personalized report, detailing your preferred communication modes. It shows which skills you should develop, and which ones you need not bother trying to improve. And most importantly, it helps you see what other skill sets you need on your team in order to deliver a complete, specific result.

The Marketing DNA Test generates a custom report that looks like this:

Your Marketing DNA profile goes on to describe, in detail, how your unique combination of skills can best connect and persuade others with minimum effort. It shows why certain communication tasks irritate and frustrate you, and identifies people who enjoy those same tasks.

Click HERE to take the Marketing DNA Test, and in 10 minutes you’ll be armed with powerful new insights that will save you time and frustration, and make you even more persuasive.

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The Marketing DNA Test was developed by Perry Marshall, bestselling author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Advertising and The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. He’s consulted in more than 300 industries, from startups to firms with hundreds of billions of dollars in assets on every aspect of online and offline marketing.

Perry developed this tool after observing that as the web has matured, it’s become impossible for one person to master everything it takes to market and sell. It is more critical than ever to choose the right assignments for yourself, outsource the rest, and accurately predict the inclinations of prospective contractors and team members. Entrepreneurs, hiring managers, freelancers and employees can now work together for maximum results.

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