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"Can Your Marketing and Selling Become Easier, Less Tedious, Less Frustrating and More Rewarding? Take this short, PERSONALIZED test and I'll deliver a 1 in 10,000 Customized Training Course & Profile Report based on YOUR Unique Marketing DNA."
  • See if you're doing what you're truly gifted to do, based on your natural persuasion profile
  • Get customized guidance to navigate the confusing maze of outsourcing, finding employees, finding employment and freelancing
  • Find the exact combination of selling skills that works for YOU (only one person in 1,000 has a profile that closely resembles yours!)
  • Accelerate achievement of your business goals with an exquisitely customized report delivered just minutes after you're done - followed by a personally tailored, training course over the next few weeks to help you do what you love and outsource the rest
Perry Marshall wrote the world's best-selling books on both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. The Marketing DNA Test is his latest innovation for helping sales people, marketers and entrepreneurs flourish in their gifted zone.

Roofing Company sees $10,500/week Profit Increase

"I have owned a residential roofing business in Maryland for almost 40 years. I do all the lead generation, sales, some supervision (4 hrs. per day), and 'whatever else that needs to be done.'

Before Marketing DNA:

Get up at 4:00 AM, meet the crew, get them started, leave the job at 9:00. Visit 2 or 3 prospective sites, measure up, get pitches ready for face to face sales. Done about 3:00. Pitch 2 jobs; get home between 6:00 and 8:00. Closed 3 out of 10 deals on average/week.

After Marketing DNA:

Closed an average of 60% for 3 weeks straight WITHOUT visiting prospects, resulting in 3 extra sales/week @ $3,500 profit (say $10,500/week). Extrapolated that’s an extra $42,000 profit/month, saving a whopping 120 hours!

I think I got double the sales by email and telephone follow-up because the presentation was actually better without me being there … ouch!"

- William P. Thomas, Home Restorations MD, Annapolis Maryland

Stephanie's handwritten and hand-drawn card


So very grateful I discovered you! After taking the Marketing DNA Test, I now know why I have felt like a square peg in a round hole for so long. The test shows my Number 1 Like is Images. This card is a celebration of that validation! Here's hoping 2018 brings you and your family great joy, health and prosperity.

Warm regards,
Stephanie McKay

"I took the test and the results were shockingly accurate."

- Joel Comm, New York Times bestselling author of KaChing, The AdSense Code, Twitter Power 2.0, Click Here to Order, and creator of the reality TV show The Next Internet Millionaire

"...this is an exceptional tool which could possibly save you months to even years of failed business ventures, only because the ones you picked just didn’t fit your natural persuasion and communication style...This test literally saved me $1500!"

- Christine Vencato, on NetworkOpportunities.org

"After spending several months evaluating myself with the help of some of my mentors, colleagues and friends, your DNA Test pretty much told me the exact same thing it has taken me months to really discover about myself. The results completely make sense. I believe they are right on target. It is a valuable and useful tool."

- Kevin Milani, Broomfield, CO

"We have started using the DNA test on all candidates we interview and it seems to be remarkably accurate and insightful. I say this with some qualification, having taken assessments by DIVINE and a DISC profile not too long ago. MarketingDNA stands with the big boys!"

- Hans Riemer, President, Market Vantage, LLC, Groton, MA

"Perry Marshall Reveals the Secret to Building the Perfect Sales and Marketing Team...This tool is used to assess your natural persuasion and communication style."

- Adam Kreitman, on Blog.CrazyEgg.com

"A good starting point for figuring out what you should be doing is Perry Marshall’s Marketing DNA Test. It’s surprisingly accurate."

- Linus Rylander, on MaverickInfluence.com/blog/

"Just a plug for Marketing DNA. As a psychologist, I'm skeptical of psychobabble, but I have to say that the emails I've been getting from Perry on my profile have been extremely helpful to me personally.

They are 'spot on"

- Kathy McMahon, Psy.D., Cummington, MA, CouplesTherapyInc.com

"Perry Marshall's Marketing DNA Test is what convinced me to stop dreaming about becoming a copywriter ­and actually go for it. The quiz takes about 5 minutes to complete, and then you get a detailed report with insights about your personal strengths and preferences. You'll see how to approach your marketing in a way that plays to your strengths. When you do that, marketing is fun instead of a dreaded chore."

- Joshua Earl, Freelance Copywriter, Pittsburgh, PA

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Many sales and marketing courses SAY "everyone can do it" and "this works for everyone" and "this is a system and the system never fails."

The truth is, if something's worth paying money for, NOT anyone can do it, nor should they. There are some sales and marketing tasks that you excel at and others that drive you crazy.

I personally spent years doing sales jobs I would NEVER be good at, ever. Even today as one of the highest paid marketing consultants in the world, I would still struggle with those jobs.

Even if you are brand new, a combination of selling skills you already have place you in the top 10%. You just need to know what your key skills are and what arena you should compete in.

Should you be...

  • Writing advertising copy?
  • Selling face to face?
  • Giving webinars?
  • Producing video?
  • Buying Pay Per Click traffic?
  • Flogging Social Media?
  • Speaking at conferences?
  • Designing websites?
  • Creating new products?
  • Negotiating?

The Marketing DNA Test answers this and shows what to pursue and what to avoid. It also helps you assign tasks to employees and find freelancers and team members who bring exactly what you lack.

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"You will be stunned how scary accurate it is."

- Brad Richdale, Legendary Writer, Director, Producer and Direct Marketer

"Perry Marshall’s marketing DNA test will tell you what sort of work you are pre-disposed to doing best."

- Rob Drummond, on RJDrummond.com

"Go take Perry Marshall's Marketing DNA Test to find out exactly what you should be doing. It'll save you years and thousands of dollars.."

- ndwf21001, on WarriorForum.com

"This past Monday we all reported our Marketing DNA test results to each other, and ever since then...Shock, Awe, and... Relief...Every single one of us has felt deeply impacted. Suddenly the universe is making more sense!"

- Tim Francis, on TimFrancisMarketing.com

"[Perry Marshall] has come out with this Marketing DNA test...I would encourage you to go over to his website, opt-in to his list and I think you'll find it rewarding."

- Randy Cantrell, on BulaNetwork.com

"I have taken various tests in the past, specifically Sandler Training and the DISC profile, and your assessment is spot on. Communication strengths were right on, areas to avoid were spot on, and in particular the strength index has me pegged very well."

- Ron Rodi, Chicago, IL

MarketingDNAtest.com is a service of Perry S. Marshall & Associates which consults both online and brick-and-mortar companies on generating sales leads, web traffic, and maximizing advertising results. Perry is the world's best selling author and most quoted expert on Google AdWords. His work is referenced in the New York Times, Forbes, the Washington Post and Fast Company.

Our test is designed to assess specific strengths and weaknesses for marketers and sales people so we might provide the materials and training most specific to your needs. We offer a slew of superbly, customized materials as a way of introducing you to our world. Take the Test Now to see how we can help you become a prevailing force in marketing today.

"I have spent nearly 20 years in Dilbert cubes at large corporations and have taken a number of instruments like the one you have created…I do believe that your instrument is an overall good reflection of how I think, my motivations, what charges me and what drains me."

- Dave Voelker, Hebron, KY

"Really cool tool. Reminds me of a Kolbe score. It is spot on."

- Brandon Boyd, Grand Rapids, MI

"Yes, it was pretty right! I think it nailed my strengths and weaknesses on the head."

- Joe Martinico, Los Angeles, CA

"You were dead on the money. My background is journalism, so many of the results of the DNA test were wordsmith-related. My dislikes were also correct, which is why I give those tasks to employees. Good stuff!"

- Steve Phillips, Cincinnati, OH

"While it definitely took some thought to answer the questions, the results were pretty much bang on. I was quite surprised."

- Burt Campbell, Calgary, AB Canada

"I took the Marketing DNA test and was blown away. It has given me such clarity on what I should be doing. This has been a major step in a very right and very needed direction."

- Rob Julien

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"The Marketing DNA test blew my mind. I was not expecting it to be anything but general in scope, but when the results came in and was almost 100% accurate, I realized how powerful a tool it is. The only thing I could say is, WOW."

- Jack Medlin, Sales Professional, Chicago, IL

"I feel like it got a lot of things right about me. For example, I tend to like recorded more than live. That's absolutely true. It also told me things that I know to be true but have never verbalized like how I am into visuals, I'm good at copy writing, and putting things together."

- Scott Buendia, Beaverton, OR

"Well, I can say that I've taken many personality tests in the past...Meyers-Briggs, Strengths Finder, Kolbe and probably 6 or 7 others and the results are very consistent with all those. I was impressed that the results were so accurate even with so few questions."

- John Fancher, Oak Park, IL

"Dude. So accurate J. Well done! The questions were totally thought-provoking, as well, in and of themselves. I forwarded my results to wifey and she got a kick out of them (as well as to my COO)."

- Nate Hagerty, Overland Park, KS

"Perry, this thing is freaking AWESOME! It really is spot on. I loved this--it's powerful. I read my results to Ron and he was laughing out loud because it was so accurate. I also think it actually makes you feel good about yourself—and who you authentically are. It's really really cool."

- Tina Lorenz, Yuma, AZ

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"I recommend Perry Marshall’s Marketing DNA test – the analysis is quite interesting, and you’ll learn some things about your preferences which don’t surface in the Strengths and DiSC assessments. For example, his assessment gives you a lot more insights into how you like to create content and present it. You’ll also love Perry’s edgy writing. This is not your typical HR-speak stuff. Everyone person I know who’s taken this reports that it nailed them and gave them confidence to do more with the way they are naturally wired."

- Glenn Brooke Johnston, Iowa

"All my new hires I make take the Marketing DNA Test, which has been huge. The factors I’ve found: My sales people who are really good, are they’re higher on LIVE (obviously); they’re higher on WORDS over IMAGES, and high on the EMPATHY scale. I’ve got one guy who does a really good job, but he doesn’t do nearly as good a job as I’d like because he’s so gruff. I found out he’s a “2” on the EMPATHY scale. So what you should do is hire people who are high on the EMPATHY scale and make sure you let them be the Customer Support/Therapy Department, to soothe customers when the machine fails to run the way it’s supposed to."

- Michael Strickland, Boulder Colorado